dealss'mores kit for $1.00


Shipping to CA was just $7.84


I am curious as to why anyone would buy this as going to the store, buying fresh ingredients as opposed to something sitting in a warehouse for months... are Smore's that hard to make?

I guess if you were buying a bunch of other things from ThinkGeek and just added this to push you over that $50 free shipping mark it might be good.


@agent019: I've seen this on QVC. If you aren't near a campfire you put it in this and nuke it. Then you just have to worry about the carcinogens from the plastic.


@agent019: "Fresh" ingredients at "the store"? I get ALL my ingredients from our local farmers market. Until you have had a s'more made with free range marshmallows, corn fed graham crackers, and free trade Hershey's bars, cooked over a fire made with renewable hand hewn timber, you have NOT had a s'more. C'mon people!