dealsbags of screws for $1.50


After missing out on the Bag of Crap I guess I'll settle for screws.


@donkeykongjr: That's what you get sometimes with the Bag of Crap.

(I made a joke and it was funny.)


@xarous: Yeah, but stop it. Those zero votes will follow you around. Not kidding. But yes, funny. Heck, I have bags of screws sorted as to type and size, and I surely can't see paying for them. Random screws. The potential for off color humor is certainly there, but not my style.


You get screwed on shipping!


i figure its a heavy bag of screws


I didn't know that Mainway Toys was still in business.


@palehorse864: Nice one. However, I'm having a real hard time finding Johnny Bag o Glass. Any tips?


This will go well with the Teddy Chainsaw Bear I bought last week


Its OK, but its no Bag O' Glass


It would be helpful to know the dimensions or weight of the bag. The description says: "A bag of random machine screws commonly used in computers and electronics." The picture shows a lot of fairly long screws. The only electronics I've seen use screw of those proportions would be some laptops, but those suckers are tiny. If those long screws are laptop screws, that bag might only be an inch or two wide.


Between my years of computer work and home car work, I have bags, buckets, medicine bottles, and toolboxes full of random screws, nuts, bolts, and leftover bits.

Come to think of it, it's a wonder anything I work on stays together with as many leftover screws as I usually have...


i dont think the image is of the actual bag of screws it is advertising, from the looks of it those are regular screws/nuts/bolts used for everyday things and not the smaller versions you need for computer assembly. So either the picture is a random stock photo or the description is inaccurate.


@scoth: That's efficiency. Or so I've told myself these many years.


KOOL i can get a bag of junk metal for 1.50 +53.30 for overnite shipping and take them down to my scrap metal yard and cash them in for money