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Is there a big difference between this LG LM6700 and the LG LM6400 from Sams?
I checked on the LG website and didn't really see any major differences.
The one at Sams is $1098 + tax comes with 6 3D glasses and WiFi


I got this at Best Buy last month for $1320. Kinda kicking myself after seeing the Samsung price drop today however. I like both tv's, but the Samsung is upgradeable and that's appealing.

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FYI not a huge deal for the LM7600... Fry's is currently selling them for 1499 (so you only save $100 on this deal) and I got one from them (from Fry's) for 1300 back in January.

the 7600 is last years model so I would wait a bit longer if you are in the market for this televison.