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Free-ish shipping. Free if you have Prime, or spend $25 on items that have yada yada.


@muddyg: Yep, don't need another $20 in junk. Getting tired of Amazon deals then realizing I need to spend way more. I'll get it at Best Buy and pay the I'll get it a week quicker.


Since I have prime, definitely in for one. Thank you


Good Point cjmoran!

Who wants to wait a week for a movie to arrive that was released...what 14 years ago?


@cheeze8888: You've already waited several years, yet you can't wait another week?



umm, WOW is all I have to say!

Please reference Sheldon Cooper on the topic of sarcasm along your travels in life :)


1) I think it's worth the wait to have this box art of Mena Suvari and the film in high-def (10-13 day wait for pure bliss)
2) Yes, it's freeish shipping if you can't add $20 bucks of other stuff you don't need. I have prime so it's free to me and I don't have to add $20 of stuff I don't need so I can spend $5 on something I don't need but want (I count prime as money spent for the VOD service and Kindle lending library).


@cheeze8888: You assume I can read your mind and know that you are being sarcastic with the number of fools on the internet? Assuming is a dangerous thing.. please reference Poe's law when creating sarcastic comments.'s_law

In other words, use punctuation and typographical emphasis (bold, italics, caps, etc) to make it clear that you are being sarcastic, otherwise your comment will be misinterpreted. People have gone to jail for misinterpreted internet comments (and also because the government doesn't understand sarcasm), so it's important to make it absolutely clear what you mean.


@kev50027: You've already been a killjoy so...

The exaggerated agreement followed by a mock pause and sudden self-contradiction was pretty obviously sarcasm. The punctuation was more than adequate. It looks like you just wanted to bash someone so much, that you jumped the gun without fully reading the comment, and you missed the sarcasm that everyone else got. Get over it.


i like how the bluray is cheaper than the dvd


This is one of the most over-rated movies of the last 20 years. Most people posting here will disagree, but I thought I would say it anyway.