deals2-pk samsung 32gb micro-sdhc hi-speed memory card…


the ones posted here are Samsung OEM the other deal posted are generic Sd cards...


best buy has the EXTREEM SanDisk micro memory card 32gb at 24.99 also the 16 and 64 at great discounts as well, it's the deal of the day!


Newegg has an ADATA 32GB Class 10 for $14.99 if you use promo code EMCPFPF64,free shipping and with Newegg you'll get it in a few days,Tanga may take a week or two.


Yes, Tanga is NOT known for quick shipping! However, I do usually get their stuff in a reasonable (if longer) period of time.

One disadvantage to Tanga, if this is like their recent deal on three 16GB Sandisk cards, is that they come loose, in a small zip-lock style bag, whereas the retail disks you'll buy from other online stores will usually come with an SD card adapter, and case.

If you go to Walmart (cheapest I found), you can find plastic SD card holders, that will hold up to 10 micro-sd/sdhc/sdxc cards, plus an SD card adapter, for $6 to $7 (utilizing site to store). They're about the size of a credit card, and hold the cards securely (although you'll probably still want to put them inside something, like an empty Altoids tin, to keep them safe from accidental damage). You can check them out at I picked up two holders, and am very impressed by how well they seem to work.


I bought the 32GB SD card someone posted here from Newegg. It was $14.99 with the promotional code (EMCPFPF64). I registered my American Express card through Newegg and got free 2 day shipping. Next I signed up for Bill Me Later through Paypal and received a $15 credit so I actually got paid a penny for buying a 32GB SD card with free 2 day shipping. Nice!


Think I'm going for the Best Buy ones. FYI: If you look at the Newegg reviews seems enough people get duds. Yes, I know they have a lifetime guarantee, but I don't have trouble with my brand name cards.


Is the world still having issues with MicroSD class 10 cards not functioning well in various smartphones? I've been trying to research this and it seems the consensus is to buy class 4 or 6 cards and they work fine in smartphones.


If you have a Samsung device, get a Samsung card. Also, be careful on those lesser-known Chinese brands. They can be mislabeled for class and capacity. That country is not known for it's honesty or oversight.


@gusvonpooch: Good deal- I bought one. I have bought these cards before- they are pretty decent. I had one fail after 3 years- but that's not bad. It taught me to automatically back-up my phone which I do with a great free app called Sweet home! When I am on my home network and I plug in my phone to charge it will automatically back up to a usb HD I have attached to my router. I have bought RAM modules and an SSD form Adata with good results also. Bottom line is back your stuff up- because no matter how good you think your hardware is, there is always a possibility of failure.


@salockwood: Not much better when Samsung is 2 for 31 and Samsung is WAY faster than class 10. I get around 50Mbps with Samsung and other class 10 cards are MUCH slower.


Just bought two from newegg its a good deal for me