dealsholiday laptop bundle w/laptop, case, flash drive…


$301 gets you a:
14in 1.8Ghz dual core celeron laptop with Win8
Rather plain looking laptop back (I recommend the $2 upgrade to a nicer one)
Canon Pixma printer (over 4/5 stars on Walmart)
8gb flash drive

Seems like a decent deal for basic college gear to me. Try not to whine about Win8 too much, it's getting old.


Actually the basic laptop lacks a cd/dvd drive. If that's a deal breaker, you'll have to pony up at least $41 or $61 for a nicer laptop.

I think I would go with the $61 and the nicer case if I were doing it.

It looks like leftovers from the tax free weekend.


Its a opretty terrible laptop, but the PIXMA is one of the best printers ever. FIrst, Canon is the best printer brand, period. Second, I've been using PIXMA series printers for 4 years. The same one. IT LASTED THIS LONG


@johnt007871: Windows 8 sucking is getting old.


Looks like you can get the printer separately pretty cheap as well. Bundled with paper for 98 cents more than just the printer.
It's too bad my HP is still chugging along after 5 years or I would nab this up.