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Not the original trilogy, these are the modified ones. :(


While there's stuff I dislike, there's actually a lot I think the Special Editions improved upon. Besides basic visuals, I prefer the Special Edition Death Star explosions. I actually like the Jabba scene in Ep4 (they did what they could with Harrison Ford walking behind Jabba) and although I love the "yub yub" song, I understand how the ending to RotJ makes sense in the context of the expanded universe the prequels provided. However, I can't stand Greedo-shot-first or Luke's scream in Ep5. The dance scene in RotJ is silly, but I don't mind it either way. While I prefer the pit of Saarlak outside Jabba's palace to be simple, the added CGI is fine with me. Though I was fine with Old Anakin as a ghost, I also understand and see how it makes sense that Hayden is at the end of ROTJ.


I'm a little confused. Why is this pre order? Haven't these movies been out for years?




And the price is quite reasonable. Tough to find a beat up used copy of IV, V, or VI at the local store for less than $15.


I think an appropriate comment here would be "It's a trap!"


Here's what you do: Buy these. Sure they're not the true originals and they never will be. Short of a miracle from Disney, we're never going to be able to officially obtain them in a modern format.

However, if you search the old Internet for something called Star Wars: Despecialized, you can see the extremely impressive work of a number of individuals to make a quality high definition version of these movies with all of the random special effects removed and the subtle story changes (such as the dreaded Greedo shooting first situation) are replaced with their original scenes in a way that all but the most observant eye would notice.

It's really amazing that people have pulled this off. It makes it all the more sad that George Lucas feels no one should be exposed to the mastery of the originals with all their physical props and effects and would rather these increasingly dated CGI effects be the legacy he leaves. Regardless, track them down and enjoy them!


I can "get used to" just about all of the SE additions except for this:


This scene is a close second:


seriously, how many times can they re-release the same movie set? I got the IV-VI bluray set through costco years ago


Sorry, Jorge. Let me know when something resembling the theatrical cuts is released in HD.


@rayray8822: Do you recall the scene in ROTJ when Vader screams "NOOOOOOOOO" at the Emperor, before tossing him? He was silent in the original... and now the feeling of this scene has completely changed.

The same goes for the crappy Krayt Dragon sounds Obi-Wan was mimicking in ANH. It used to sound impressive and realistically intimidating to anyone who would hear it in the movie... now? Just a joke.

Greedo shooting first is, hands down, the worst alteration to the trilogy, though. Han was supposed to be an anti-hero (he's a smuggler for crying out loud), who shot first and asked questions later.

Removing Sebastian Shaw from the end of ROTJ was ridiculous, as well... The ghost of Anakin Skywalker should have remained older, just as Obi-Wan and Yoda. It doesn't make sense to replace him w/ Hayden Christenson. That being said, they should have used David Prowse to begin with... not Sebastian Shaw.

I've heard rumor that the true originals will be released again... just no date.


@xtreemsaver & @nflemming2004 :
This is a combo Blu-ray/DVD release, the previous DVDs are all Out of Print (OOP), and this is the first time that the Blu-ray cuts will be available on DVD.

Also, this set includes "new" commentaries assembled from archival interviews with George Lucas, cast and crew, not available on the previous Blu-ray release.

However, this is basically 20th Century Fox trying to milk the series all it can before they lose the distibution rights to most of the films.

@polidiotic :
There's only rumors of the original versions being rereleased, nothing confirmed or official. The people that have predicted the rerelease are basically being hopeful and aren't basing it on any real information.


If you want to see the original movies in glorious HD with Suround Sound, look up "Harmy's Star Wars Despecialized edition". An amazing amount of work was put into modifying the BluRay versions to very closely match the original theatrical release. The original trilogy has been "de-specialized" and is absolutely fantastic; Han shoots, first, no gimmicky CGI, the "spirits" at the end of RotJ are correct, etc. etc. The project also completely re-colorized the movies to correct the terrible color filters that were used for the DVD/BluRay transfers.

To get an idea of the work that was done, you can find a 11-minute documentary on YouTube explaining the painstaking work they went through.


@benborgs: Hey, thanks for the heads up. Definitely going to take a look at that. I'm actually very excited to see this. ;P


Darnnniiit. I got excited for like two seconds. I have the un-remastered ones on VHS, and I keep meaning to get them put on DVD.