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I've been looking for a cheap way to replace my 2WIRE from AT&T. Does anyone know how easy that is, and if this one will work?

EDIT: I found a review on monoprice:
We replaced our 2WireGateway for AT&T with this router/modem. First we received one that was defective and Monoprice shipped out the replacement immediately. Super fast, it was here before we shipped the defective one back. Second modem works great, BETTER than the AT&T modem/router. All my devices connected, no hassles. DVD, TV, Blackberry, 2 laptops and PC. We are not technically savvy and my husband was able to do it alone. Monoprice rocks!


The main problem with the 2WIRE routers is the overheating. Between being a modem and a wired/wireless router, they internally get too hot and then Internet quality is affected. The easiest fix is simply to turn off the 2WIRE's wireless and hook up a separate router for wifi. That allows the 2WIRE to only use power as a modem, thus generating less heat.

Either way, I'm glad you guys got a solution working! I hope that modem/router doesn't have any overhearing issues! It can't be any worse than the 2WIRE though!!


Can this be used with Verizon DSL also?


Are the two antennas detachable?


@ryanlehn: Since I'm not Verizon tech support, I can't say with 100% accuracy, but yes. It says it works with all major ADSL service providers, so that makes me assume it can do ADSL, up to ADSL2+. They are different, but long story short without much techie details it seems to be able to do ADSL.

@bajasmith: Every external antenna router I've ever dealt with so far had detachable antennas. That being said, I couldn't find conclusive evidence to prove this specific one had detachable ones. Sorry!


Now they just need to make a cable modem.


@xusachi: I tried what you said and so far it had been working!! :D


@bajasmith: I just received mine and the antennae came not attached, they just screw on.