dealslego star wars death star for $336.87


My son has this. It is an amazing set (and should be for the $$$). He loves all the different rooms and minifigs. He will re-enact scenes from the movie and make up new ones.

I saw several complaints on Amazon about this set missing pieces. My set didn't have that problem, although I thought for a while that it did. This is such a massive set that it's fairly easy to misuse a piece. We had 2 or 3 occasions where we thought we'd been shorted, but after very careful re-examination of what we'd built, we'd find the piece we were missing.


In regards to missing pieces, LEGO has amazing customer service and will send you anything you're missing free. It doesn't help with trying to tell a child that they have to wait to finish it, but they will fix it if you're missing something.


$399.99!!!....wasn't that the budget for the first movie ?