dealsmoultrie 30-gal pro-hunter tripod feeder


really? Where's the sport in that? There's zero skill in hunting an animal you've domesticated with scheduled feedings...

I'm not anti hunting - I bow hunt for food a few weeks every year when friends and i go up to the mountains (and yes, it's a challenge)

I'm not even anti trophy hunting - as long as you're doing something useful with the meat (hunters who take their prize but leave the rotting carcass should be stuffed and mounted, themselves)

but this? How can you feel any sense of accomplishment? it's lazy, boring, and silly. The one exception might be if you were in need of food, and deer/other were hard to come by/ hard to track during winter, etc... but then again, if you have the truck to haul this thing and 200lbs of food out to your spot - then it means you have access to a wally world, where you can buy your food lol.

I'm focusing on the hunting aspect of this item. I've seen it used just to get animals close by for a rustic feel at resorts, but that's rare.


@goatcrapp: My grandparents do not allow hunting on their property and they love watching the deer come to feed in the afternoon.


@crowsnest - one of the only legit uses, in my opinion.

sadly, the only time i ever see these - there's usually a hunting blind near, or in a tree 60-100 feet away.

sorry for venting on your deal, since hunting wasn't your intent here.


@goatcrapp: Man they must be some rich people, around here they just strap a peice of PVC pipe around a tree cut an angle into it facing the tree and fill it with corn. Then they spry paint it and you would never see it unless you knew what you were looking for. I tear them down everytime I see them. Hell I have even gone just for that reason alone. You are right killing a deer near a feeder is pointless.


its the timed feedings!

I've actually had someone tell me "who wants to spend a whole day waiting for something to show up... now i set it like an alarm, and just show up to collect"