dealsfuji finepix 16mp digital camera with gps, 3” lcd…


$15 bucks less then it was just a few days ago. It was a great deal then & is even better now.


Bought an iPad case from them nearly 3 weeks ago and still don't have it. Have repeatedly emailed them and no answer to date. I will cancel my Paypal transaction. Now, you can't even surf to their website. BEWARE!!!


They do take a very long time to ship,they are part of 1saleaday. Ordered several times from them and it takes 3+ weeks but my stuff did get to me. Rating on Amazon for this Fuji is only three stars but this seems to be a good price.


I ordered a camera from them - it was a sponsored deal a couple weeks ago. I have not yet received it, but I knew this wasn't Amazon Prime. They had some bad reviews. I didn't expect quick shipping.

But-I gave Ben's a chance and I will see how they do.


can't speak for the seller...but have had really good luck with Fuji cameras. Although my current is a Lumix, my previous digital was a Fuji. I thought it took excellent photos, had all the useful options to select the correct settings. I would not hesitate to get another. this, unlike my old Fuji, is sleek...mine was pretty clunky. this, I believe, could slip into a pocket. Not bad compromise for a camera with a good MP and good magnification...I take lots of landscape photos, and also closeups of flowers, so that combo is essential to me.


OK.. I ordered one.. lets see how long it takes to ship.


Until recently I worked in a camera store. This Fuji F600EXR is an excellent pocket camera. The quality won't beat a full sized SLR, but it's on the high side of pocket cameras. We were selling it for $300 in the past year.
There are many features and settings, enough for most camera enthusiasts. However, in its auto mode, the camera can be a simple point and shoot.
At this price I'm tempted to buy one (even though I already have 4 other cameras).

Word of warning, the seller has some VERY mixed reviews. Be ready to wait a long time to receive your order.


I would have snapped this item up...just not willing to trust this vender. Sketchy track record at best.


Today I got an email from Ben's saying the Fuji I ordered on 12/11 has been shipped. Good so far.


Fuji F550EXR and it is an incredible camera for what I use it for. I paid $150 for mine so this price is a damn good price for the updated model.