deals"elite" butterfly knife - 5 slotted black…


lol, "blood groove"

It's called a 'fuller', and they're used to reduce the weight of a blade. This knife doesn't look awful, but it doesn't look great either. My first balisong was $7, and probably similar to this in quality. My second was $265 and worth every penny.

Get this to see whether or not you like butterfly knives - don't get it to use as a knife. Stainless steel blades are usually pretty awful, /especially/ in a cheap knife like this.


I have several knives from Knife Kingdom, and they all have been a good value. The cheaper butterfly knives use just a peened shaft for the handles to swing on. These use a bolt & bushing.

As aklyatne said, these knives are not great, but they are very good for the price.

It depends on what you want to use the knife for that will determine its value. For a general, carry around and open boxes & stuff, this will work well. Scaring coworkers with mad knife skills while trimming zip-ties in the server room would be another good use.

I got my first butterfly at the recommendation of a co-worker at my first job in a junk yard. They are the ONLY kind of knife that you can both open and close one-handed. And they can take a bit more pressure on the blade without collapsing than the standard lock-blade as well.


I never seem to get a straight answer on whether these are legal or not. I used to buy these things from a local flea-market when I was a kid but then all of a sudden they were never around. A few years later I'm at an expo sale and there are some fake ones and the guy tells me he has some real ones but since they're illegal he can't display them. A few more years later I'm at a knife shop and there are a bunch in a display case.

I love how I can walk into walmart and there are 18" machetes hanging on a rack but a stupid little knife like this lives its life in purgatory.


what states are these legal? I was under the impression they were illegal everywhere.