dealsdawgs blowout: men’s & women’s sandals, flip…


I'm sure fake crocs are going to be as appreciated as real crocs.


I gave this a like for the website! bought some great sun glasses from them awhile back quality shade+fast shipping.


This is a great deal! $9.99 for shoes shipped! I bought two pairs of flip flops and a pair of clogs for my wife for work. Perfect for my wife who is a nurse.


The Dawgs are playing Florida Atlantic tonight. I don't think there gonna get blown out.

Oh wait . . . Sorry. Wrong "Dawgs."

Regardless . . . GO DAWGS!


I also bought some sunglasses from this site a couple months ago and couldn't be more pleased. In for 2 pairs.


My wife just bought 10 or 12 pair of these for my kids. She got them at CVS for 2 bucks a pair.


I was actually wanting to try out a pair of crocs. This is close enough at $9.99 shipped. Awesome deal. Thanks