dealsgamefly under $20 blowout sale for $20.00


For some reason, clicking on the link might not work.


@daveofva: Thanks for the direct link. That helps.

This is a "used games sale" so you won't find any PC Games. :-/


@wootmatthew: Good call -- thanks for the heads-up.


Neither link works. Why not use one that's just instead of from an e-mail?


Gamefly ALWAYS has games under $20. This isn't news.


Spec Ops The Line for $12.99. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend the single player campaign. Starts slow, but the story gets REALLY good about halfway thru.


@wickedd365: Yeah, but some of the games on sale are never under $20.

For instance:

Darksiders II: $19.99
Dishonored: $19.99
Prototype 2: $12.99
Doom 3 BFG: $12.99

Need I go on?


@wootmatthew: Even if it were a PC sale you will always be able to get a better deal by tracking Steam, Green Man Gaming,, Gamers Gate or even Desura!

With a little patience you'll get what ya want for at least 75% off!!! =D


Title seems to imply that the deal is that games under $20 can be bought for $20 now, i.e. the opposite of a "deal"


@enterr: Oy vey, people, you're killing me. Stop being so picky and take the deal for what it is or leave it alone. No need to nitpick the snot out of it and make it sound like a lousy deal.


Gamefly is also a place to watch out for Pc and console game sales. I picked up Bioshock 1 and 2 for $5 for PC and its normally $30+