dealsturtle wax headlight lens restorer kit - for $5.59


In for one.
Good price, I hope it works.
My 14 year old truck is past due for this treatment.


Thank you too.
just purchased one.
Some feedbacks are still negative at Amazon, but most are positive (4 stars out of 5 , with almost 600 reviews is more than good for me)
And my headlights are ~ 10 years old, and getting foggy and yellowish... so they need some refreshment for them


This kit does work! I bought one last year at Fred Meyer's for I think $8.99. The main drawback is the small foam blocks of sand paper provided in the kit. Not only are they too small but they were so cheap that they put 2 different grits on either side of one pad? There should be enough in the kit to do almost 3 cars (depending on lense oxidation). If I had it to do over I would just use wet/dry sandpaper starting with 220-400 grit and progressing up to 1500-2000 depending on how bad the lense was.

It is worth it if you don't have the items in the garage. It takes a lot of elbow grease to do just one lense!

NOTE: Another drawback, there is a Sealer in the kit and it is for just one application. It's packed like a KFC cleanwipe so if you want to do more than one car you'll need a zip lock bag unless you do all your cars at one time?


hmm - kmart price just now was $9.59.

too bad - i've used similar kits (more expensive) with excellent results. same kit's $9.99 on amazon prime, f.w.i.w.


You know what also works for this? Baking soda and a rag. Maybe this kit is better, maybe not.


used this kit literally a week ago. got some of the grime off that was caked on the headlights, but it didn't clear up properly and now they're both hazy. you get what you pay for.


Dead Deal, Must have expired at midnight.


I was told to try toothpaste. So, I tried it on one of my headlights and it worked pretty well.. not great...but the light on which i tried it is definatly better off than than the other..


I have a 13 year old car and have tried just about everything. First, I recommend a really good abrasive cleaning. I use toothpaste and brush. You'd be shocked at how good the results are from just that. For the first 5 or 6 years of my car's life, it kept my lights looking 'factory' new. After that I tried the 3M kit that attaches to your drill. I was initially impressed, but the haze returned way too quickly for the effort.

When I bought this kit, I discovered that's because 3M failed to provide a critical step. Without a lens protectent (which Turtle Wax includes in this kit) your lights will quickly haze over again. I liked this kit better than 3M's kit because it doesn't require the use of power tools, which allows greater control over your job. It also starts with a higher grit, which doesn't scratch as deep as the 3M kit did. Overall, I am more pleased with the product.... however: buy more protectent, as you will need to reapply after each car wash!