dealskellogg's raisin bran cereal, 20-ounce boxes…


Thank you! When I went to the site, I thought that the price had increased, because the large print said $7.01. The subscribe and save price is $6.66, and you need only get one shipment. I'll keep the subscription, and if the price goes up a great deal, then away it goes! Thanks for the heads up.


The breakfast of champions?
No. $6.66 - The breakfast cereal of the beast.


Always knew that raisin bran was the devil...


Wow, they're really pushing this cereal. Kellogg's must be feeling the crunch!


Apple jacks is on sale too $5.51 good deals delivered to the door for free when gas is 4 bucks a gallon every little bit helps.


cvs and walgreens have this onsale probably once a month for $1.99 a box add a manufacture coupon thats $1.50 a box. or $1.50-$2 better than this deal and that applies to all types of cereals at those chains.


Buy Post Raisin Bran instead. Post is made with sugar, Kellogs is made with High Fructose Corn Syrup.


@blakegibb: Any substance such as sugar or High Fructose Corn syrup are not as bad for you as people have been lead to believe. How much of each is were it can start hurting your health.


@blakegibb: That might be true.. but does Post have a giant smiling sun with arms on the box?


Cant believe they discontinued Raisin Bran Extra.