dealstotal recall [hd] instant video rental for $0.99


I saw this movie for free and I still wanted my money back. JK. You can tell Kate Beckinsale's husband shot this movie. She looks amazing with not even a hair out of place in every single shot. Even after and long fight and running for like 3 miles. :P


worth an upvote for Kate alone! Always thought she was one of the 10 hottest women in the world.
Anyway, decent sci-fi movie that would have been better if we didn't already know the main story from the old version of the movie.


The story was better in the original version, but the graphics and actors were better in this version. Good deal on an "okay" movie.


I lost count of how many lens flares occurred in this movie. Often times without a proper light source...


deals dead I clicked the link and price was3.99 for stanard and 4.98 for hd.