dealsheavy tree island, ontario - 20 acres for $875…


only one available + normal price = not a deal


@zippy the pinhead: While the verdict on this is still out, some feel that interesting, one-of-a-kind, unique, funny, etc deals (that can still be full price) are acceptable. Personally I am a fence-rider and only pay attention to the ones I like. Cheers.


u could also rent one for a week $2100 :)


@zippy the pinhead: I classify this as a deal because (to me) it is of great value. Is this not more important than getting a coupon for something or acknowledging a great sale price? The fact that there is a limited amount left raises the excitement!


If I had a million to spare I'd probably buy it.


21 woots and still not popular? How many does this need?

vote-for2vote-against is one of my favorite sites ... I love to imagine winning the lottery, buying one, moving the f#$% away from here and never having to talk to any of my family/friends again ... ahh, if only ...