dealsxbox 360 headset starter kit with choice of 2…


Wouldn't be a bad deal except all the game choices you can either get for cheap online or they are just down right terrible games.


Yeah its a shame this sale doesn't have games like the controller+game combo for the wii they had a few weeks back. If this allowed you to choose from one of these games plus a new release it would be great.


Ethernet cord - 1 dollar shipped ebay
HDMI Cable - 2 dollars shipped ebay
charge and play with two batteries - 5 dollars ebay
Stereo gaming headset - 8 dollars shipped ebay

that's 16 dollars. Now unless you can find two games that you actually want that are sold for 20 a piece and you actually need all of the accessories listed, this deal is still barely worth the effort. I guess it's a decent gift for a kid or something though.


There are a few games posted that sell for $20 new at GameStop, so with all things considered, its still a pretty decent, and overall convenient deal.


Wow. Other than Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, that game list is absolutely atrocious.

Even then, PoP:FS can be bought for around $7.50, making it $48 for the other junk that isn't even worth the cost of shipping.

Possibly the worst "deal" of the year.


If there were any games that I actually wanted itd be a good deal, but nothing on that list is worth it


got this awesome deal, the 2 games i chose were fairytale fights and summer athletics!!!!!


I do believe some of these "deals" are designed to scam parents that don't know anything about gaming...if parents would just take the time (about 10 min) to search reviews on the internet, perhaps developers would stop making so many crap games...but, you know...little Tommy just HAD to have Virtual Basket Weaving for $49.99...


ebay deal you have to pay separate shipping for each?


I just gotta [new] Turtle Beach X31 for about this much. Albeit, I didn't get HAWX with my headset...but I think it was worth the sacrifice.

That reminds me...I owe a few people thanks for tellin' me to pick one of those suckers up.


No, that is shipped. I was bored and looked.


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