dealsfull body 3d camo suits - choose ghillie or leafy…


Product Details

Ghillie Suits
•Ghillie suit includes a jacket, hood and pants
•Scent free synthetic string dyed in multiple shades
•Woodland Camo mesh underneath string
•Lightweight and high quality
•Resists mildew and rot

Leafy Suits
•Lightweight and breathable
•Hoodie and Pants


I had been puzzling over Christmas gifts for several on my list.
Not any longer. Thank you, deals woot!


The product headline says “Full Body 3D Camo Suits – Choose Ghillie or Leafy for $39.49 + free shipping”. But if you choose a Ghillie suit, it adds $9.99 to the price. I'd call that false advertising. :(


When I click on the link, all I get is a blank page. Using windows 7 pro, I.E. 9. All the flash is up to date. What gives?


@honeymoose: It does indeed, however the fault is with the wording of the deal post, not false advertising on the part of the retailer.

Either way - the former IHTHT deals site is a scummy retailer, and i won't touch any of their items with a 10ft pole, but that's a different story.


yeah there's a reason they need to keep changing their name.


ehh vote me down all you want. read the reviews online. probably shills voting me down anyways


@honeymoose: I'm sorry for any confusion. This happens a lot when posting deals (larger sizes cost more, as well, as is common with t-shirts), but there is no clear way to post this within the limitations of DW. You will notice that Woot does this, too, when there is more than one option for an item. Case in point, VIZIO LED Smart TV of Your Choice!


@luke975, @honeymoose, @goatcrapp: Not sure why you would think badly of this site. I've never had a bad experience with them. In fact, they are the only DOD site whose customer service folks have answered the phones and helped me immediately when I've had a problem with an order. As I always ask when someone posts a negative about a site, if you have a specific problem with this company, I would appreciate it if you would explain that so that the rest of us will know what to look for.

@qiset: Try again. It's working fine for me.


@belyndag: you're right it's not fair to slam a site or product without an explanation. here's some reviews, and I've seen alot more from various other sites in the same family as this site.

and besides the fact that me and a few others have been voted down by several umm im sure trusted sources I voted your deal up.


@belyndag: I've told my story many times here on deals, back when they were IHTHT. I don't care to rehash every little detail, but will provide some back story... again. Please note - this isn't a knee jerk reaction (nor, if you see my posting history am i prone to such snap judgements)

They failed me on 3 separate occasions, specifically from a CS point of view. Twice were broken items, which they lied about sending me a replacement, and then after a month of back and forth - simply stopped answering my emails. In both cases, about 3 months apart, when i escalated the issue after they stopped responding to emails through their ticketing system - the ticket number suddenly wouldn't exist.

The last straw was that ridiculous zombie survival kit they sold on here back when also. A novelty item to be sure, but even at that, the quality was terrible, and grossly misrepresented. The bag was flat out different from the one pictured... different material, size, everything. So i gave up.


And much like now - the shills and fanboys of ihtht voted me down... lol.


Oh crap! I have one of these in my back yard. I need to go jam a stick in it and see who has been watching me.


I've ordered from this site several times and the service has always been great! Much faster shipping than some other deal sites.


@luke975: Thanks for the link. I forget about that site. While I was there I checked out Woot's rating, as well. Almost the same, LOL! I guess I need to go over there and start posting some ratings, too. I recently ordered something from another site that took over three months to even ship! And yet another site took over two months, then sent me a notice that the item was sold out.

I think that the takeaway from this is that I should probably curtail my online shopping habit!


@belyndag: welcome. my woot purchases fell of a cliff. Partly because of the shipping policy. Partly because of the lack of really good deals. A couple dollar discount on something thats not a requirement for me isn't very appealing. Nobody comes to woot for things they HAVE to have. usually they do give my ideas of things to buy on amazon though. money goes to the same place I guess.


Make your own. Cheap and easy and most likely must better quality.