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This is one show that gets better with every season. My wife lost interest in the first season and it's such a shame. The format of the show has changed for the better, and it's now one of the better sci-fi shows on television.

It's a lot like the X-Files, where the amazing backstory took over the monster-of-the-week format and made the show into something much better.


@omnichad: Agreed! It just keeps getting better. And has there ever been a better television character than Walter? So brilliant, so random!


Agreed. It's sad that a show of this caliber can't garner enough viewers to go beyond next season. Seems that Americans can't get into a series that isn't some cookie-cutter "murder mystery" that spells out every last detail for them. Alas, Awake is yet another victim of this pathetic example of how little the US is able to understand anything beyond vomit-inducing "reality" TV.

John Noble should have 20 awards by now!


I have to disagree, it seems to me like the writers are just making it all up as they go along. It reminds me of Lost actually. I whole-heartedly agree, however, that Walter's character is one of the best on ANY show. He alone should have won them several awards (assuming he hasn't, I don't really follow those things).


@baa5000: I agree with the feeling that seems like they're just making it up. But the end of this last season really wrapped up a lot of ideas across several seasons in a nice little package. You can't say that about the end of Lost. And the fact that the plot does meander toward the end and has a lot of unexpected twists and things that just don't make sense is a lot more interesting than something that sticks to a formula. Lost was great right up until they ruined the last season by obviously changing the story mid-season. They don't dare tell me this was the plan all along. The first episode of season 6 very clearly tells a different story, and the series finale made up its own questions to answer rather than resolving the show.. This isn't the end of Fringe yet, so I'll still wait and see.

And definitely, John Noble is great at what he does. Playing crazy, convincingly, has to be one of the hardest things to do in acting. And he just makes you smile every time.


@omnichad: Jumping on the John Noble bandwagon . . . I want to add that it's not only his brilliantly played crazy-yet-loveable Walter, it's the fact that I have to remind myself, almost everytime, that Walternate is the same guy, not some other brilliant actor playing that part. Add that Anna Torv does quite well with her dual role, and that they're both doing american accents and its just all that better. Beyond the acting, while the story has meandered some, the writing is still sharp and the production is truly movie quality. I don't see any other shows on TV that make me feel like I need to get up and exit the theatre when they're done like I do when that Bad Robot comes running across my screen.