dealspandigital google android 2.2 nova 7 inch tablet…


These show up on all the time for like $40


Pretty expensive paper-weight.


I bought one of these in a recent sale. It has two things that are deal killers for me. First is the resistive touch screen....After using smooth capacitive ones for a while, I cannoy get used to pressing hard for any response, nor do i want to.....The other thing is that it does not seem to play well with apps from the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Market. This is where most of the good, usable apps are...


Look, this is ok as an ereader. You will want to use a stylus because the screen is not very responsive. If you're really cheap, you can use your fingernail. In the long run, you will not be happy with this screen. You can get a cheap android tab from China for about $90 and you'll use it more, but you still will tire of it eventually. Spend the $200 for a Nexus or $179 for a Galaxy Tab 2.

For an Android tablet, you want at least 512 mb RAM and 1ghz processor. You can get by with less, but you will miss out on future games and software, or you'll have to keep uninstalling apps when you get new ones. You need a capacitive touch screen for a much smoother experience. Moreover, you'll want a clear, bright, high quality screen to enjoy your movies and browse the web.

If you just want an ereader, spend a few extra dollars for a Kindle or a Nook, preferably the newer backlit ones. If you buy this, eventually it will lie gathering dust, unused. Make sure you have WIFI, too.


If you're going to buy this thing (which I wouldn't) you might as well save some money and buy a used one.