deals400 gb seagate ide hard drive for $29.99 + freeā€¦


EIDE: The perfect drive for the antique computer you are still using. I would have jumped right into this at this price about 4 years ago.


@ringo4422: Yup. 2005 is jumping up and down, saying "Buy 2!!!!!"


I use an IDE drive as the boot drive in my home server. I've got four SATA drives in an array for storage, and they used up all the ports.


what is this GB you speak of? the characters seem strange and archaic.


The only downside is the drive is Seagate, which has poor reliability and even worse customer service. Fortunately systems old enough to still have IDE interfaces on them aren't likely to last much longer, so this drive might be acceptable.


scary thing it's refurb.

Might has well go to a local PC recycling place... get the same things for less