dealsmetroid: other m: video games for $9.89


This game fills me with violent rage.

Just saying.


Total pile.
Wouldn't take this game if someone paid me to.


Metroid is one of my favorite franchises, and while this game kinda alters your perception of the character 'Samus Aran', it really brought back a great feel with the 2D elements.

If you haven't played a lot of metroid games in the past, or you are a metroid fan, but are capable of getting over the fact that Samus now has a much more vulnerable personality, then you should definately get this game for $10. The gameplay, itself, is worth at least that. There is well more than $10 of fun in this game.

For Metroid fans, if you would like, assume that "other M" actually means "alternate reality". I have a feeling that this game will eventually be considered that in the official canon, anyway.


I was going to go for this until I started reading the reviews. Too bad cuz I wanted to play some Metroid on my Wii U. I'll have to stick to my VC version on 3DS. :(


@steveb944: Most of the really bad reviews have come from metroid super geeks. As a game, on it's own, it is fun, and well worth the $10.


@skoffer: thanks for the heads up. I'll be going for 1.


WOW. Most of the "haters" probably never even came close to finishing this game, let alone actually playing it. I am a HUGE Metroid fan and yeah, the story was a bit much, but it was still a ton of fun and should not be missed. Oh well, internet sheep follow trolls I guess... Game is a MUST BUY for $10


@samsnite: Most of the "haters" are the long-time fans of the series who are absolutely appalled at what Sakamoto did to completely emasculate, for lack of a better word, Samus as a character. She went from a very strong female lead, the most badass bounty hunter in the universe, to being a subservient b*tch completely dependent on her obsession with Adam and THE BABY, who cowered in fear at the sight of Ridley, a foe whom she had already fearlessly defeated not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR TIMES before.
This on top of the generally terrible story and gameplay combined to make Other M one of the absolute worst games I've ever played, and certainly the very worst Metroid game.
It's an absolute disgrace to the series.


you will learn to HATE Adam, I know how they say hates a strong word but after the crap that guy puts you through hate seems like the only word.

The story picks up on the best metroid timeline (right after Metroid 3 or "super metroid") then it throws all connections to a decent story out the window. In this one you take up the role of samus the retarded shell of a bounty hunter who is more obsessed with someone named Adam, than her own well being. Take for example your power-ups (you start the game with like 90% of everything unlocked) except somehow you've become special needs Samus and decide that none of your "old" items are worth your time so you leave all your gear on your ship and "re-acquire" everything.

If you can get past the horrible story arcs the gameplay's actually pretty good and uses a mix of 2D Platformer/ 3RD person "puzzler" mechanics. The game also features a few recurring bosses including Ridley, and a few others.


This game is $5 new or $4 used at GameStop. Pretty good reviews too: 79 on Metacritic.


This game frequently shows up in the $10 bin through various retailers; it went for about this much at Best Buy a while ago. Definitely seems to be the least sought-after Metroid game. I have it on my shelf but haven't even bothered to open it yet.


The story is pretty bad, but the gameplay is good too. I bought it for $10 at Target, and that wasn't an awful deal.


Word of caution. I feel the Other M is a very good game, but not as great as the 3 prime games.

That said, if you get angry by "what they did to Samus" in this game, please, look for another hobby. There is no better example of a first world problem than this...

Now that that's out of the way, this is a great game with good story and it's fun as hell. The control scheme is a little awkward but never really detracts from the gameplay. This feels more like a natural progression from Super Metroid on SNES than Metroid Prime was. I'm willing to bet that if this was released a few years after the Super Metroid, the fan reception would be no where near as bad as evident in the comments.

This is a steal for $10.

@samsnite: Pretty much nails it.


@justagigilo85: Glad to see some educated, open-minded comments wind up here.


Gameplay was weak, the scripting was over heavy and felt arbitrary at points, using missiles was an un-necessary pain, and the story is pretty garbage. If these things don't bother you, your bar is set pretty low. Metroid Prime 3 is also on Wii, and far superior.


@justagigilo85: I agree with everything except the story. Seriously, GOOD STORY?? That's being a million dollars generous. I'm not a hardcore Metroid fan only playing Super Metroid and the Prime Trilogy... but HOLY CRAP, the story is shoddy and ridiculous. If it were not for the good gameplay, I would just stopped playing because of the plot.


@samsnite: Of course if you're a huge fan, you ignore the massive fault of the story and just let them get away with it. I don't want to find out that the next game will be about some shoddy conspiracy and Samus is helplessly gagged and interrogated through some stupid reason compared to Adam's "restrictions".


@thelastredeemer: When I said good, I meant there was room for improvement. LOTS of room :]