dealstetris for android for $0.00


Saw it was EA and said screw those guys and their tetris.


Even if it is EA... it's not a bad version of Tetris. Definitely worth getting for free.


@jasonelvis: Better than Activision Tetris, though... right? 'Cause seriously, screw those guys.
Also, free Tetris is pretty darn awesome.


I don't get it. Is there something wrong with EA?


EA represents all that is soulless and evil in the gaming world.


@cengland0: They force DLC down your throat, their DRM is RIDICULOUS (origin for PC)... There are dozens of stories of people who have had bad experiences with EA.. EA also buys out smaller gaming companies and make their games horrible..

Browse that a little

edit* That site is just the tip of the iceberg... You can find worse stories browsing social sites that surround video games...


@jasonelvis: I don't care if it's EA, or made by malnourished Vietnamese children. It's Tetris, and it's free! In for one!


Imagine yourself a small game company. EA comes in and wants to buy you out. Is that a bad thing? You have the option to say no but if you say yes then that means the offer was pretty good, right? Where's the problem with that?

Regarding DRM, which gaming company doesn't try to protect their intellectual property from piracy? I don't play games on a PC but my brother does and I can tell you of numerous stories where he tries to play his game on his boat where he doesn't have internet access and the game will not play or will not install. EA is not the only company that does this. What about Microsoft and their activation of their operating systems and Office products?

My new Apple computer came with Mountain Lion and I immediately replaced the hard drive with an SSD drive. Think I was able to reinstall Mountain Lion without an internet connection so it could valid that I was authorized? Nope!


Getting upset because EA won't let you steal their software is, well, your problem. Not theirs.


@trybble: But getting upset because EA won't let me play their software that I paid them for certainly is.