deals2-pack (4 total tools plus 4 hooks) drain easy…


"What You Get:
• (2) Shower and Tub Drain Removal Tools
• (2) Sink Drain Removal Tools
• (4) Storage Hooks"

That's not 8 hooks... as the title states/stated.


@jsoko: oops....thanks for the correction. I am glad the hooks are not the important part.


I got these last time they were offered on the site. The velcro "head" was barely glued on when I received them and I had to use super glue to stick them back on. Didn't work that well on my sink either.


Thank you so much for posting this plumbing deal. I have been thinking about buying these for a while, but I am glad that I waited because they went on sale. I did not have any problem with the Velcro. I am sorry to hear that other people did.