deals$30 to spend on personalized m&m's for $15.00


For my wife's birthday--she was entering a new decade--her sister gave her a bunch of these M&Ms printed with her high school yearbook photo. It was the perfect gift!


I just ordered about an hour or two ago. Got the standard shipping. Scheduled to deliver on 5/2/13, which is a week from today, in case anyone's worried about how quick it takes to get their super fab designer M&M's.


Just placed an order. When I went to navigate away from my cart I was offered free shipping in a popup window. It automatically put in coupon code EXITFREE, I don't know if you can just put the code in but you might try it anyway. If you can't put the code in directly try navigating away from the page to see if you can get the offer. Saves an additional $9.99


mbmanaus, thanks for the tip! Code worked perfectly for me. Yay!


@mbmanaus: Thanks for the tip about the EXITFREE coupon! I just ordered my Mom a nice little Mother's Day present, whatever she doesn't eat, I'll send along to you... don't expect a lot.


Mother's Day complete. Ship code worked too, thanks!


EXITFREE for free shipping worked