dealscraftsman 13 in. tool bag for $3.99


they must have accidentally added a zero to their manufacturing order on these. it keeps showing up here and other places for lower and lower prices. But that said, it's a nice sturdy bag for the price. I just don't need more than two.


I use this bag when I go to the junkyard (the local pull and pay). It has enough room to carry the tools I need without being as heavy as my metal toolbox or ammo can. It's got a big mouth (but it doesn't stay open on it's own to well, that's the only CON) and plenty of room. In for another, just in case my current one breaks (which I don't really think will happen).

It's also great for small projects around the house.


Yes, they keep showing up - and you know what? They are a BARGAIN! I'm in for more - we give these to our techs as a small carry bag on an initial service call - it is a wonderfully constructed little bag and holds up better than bags costing 10 times as much!

Great sturdy little bag for the money - and makes a great white elephant / secret Santa gift at Christmas - they'll think you spent a LOT more - LOL.


In for a couple. I use these kind of bags for everything, not just tools. They're great for tow straps, chains, bungee cords and ratchet straps, jumper cables, extra clothing etc. You can keep everything separated and untangled. I even used one as a carry on for a flight once. Wife was not impressed.


I just bought two, one for me and one for my 3yr old. Great deal! I will probably pick up a few more for random uses -- would be good in the trunk for things like jumper cables, for example.