dealshipster two piece swimsuit, sizes small-2x for…


@prettywootprincess @thunderthighs Is it just my swimwear that you plan to tag #sexy? Is it all my deals?

Just curious so I don't waste my time planning a deal for our customers only to have it manipulated off the front page.

As many, many of your customers have said before...a list of rules would be most helpful.

Of course, if you're only treating me this way I guess that keeps your job pretty simple.


Nice suit! Too bad the ban hammer came down on the deal.
I wonder if Woot is afraid of women's bodies. Its a friggin swimsuit.


@ramrod: Yep, you can blame the mods for never getting a good price on these swimsuits again. I guess when you run the show discrimination is ok.


Helpful: Search for deals tagged "clothing," sorted by most recent.


@gregk: My point exactly. Do you see any other dress or bathing suit deals tagged #sexy besides mine?


@ohcheri: Mother ship and all that. Gotta have double standards.


@ohcheri: This deal should have not been tagged "sexy". Mods were asked to use their best judgement and in this case I disagree. Tag has been removed.

Please discontinue the use of your new account "amazonhotrod".

The "sexy" tag will however be used if other items on your landing page are deemed "sexy".


@prettywootprincess: I appreciate the courtesy of your reply.

I do strive to keep "sexy" items off my landing page, however, my dresses are still tagged #sexy. Can you provide any insight there? Other WOOTers, including vendors, post dresses and they don't get tagged #sexy.

This deal, for example:

This a dress any girl could walk down the street in and there is nothing offensive on the landing page.