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How does this differ from the free version?


@tcayer: it's $10 more. Har har.

The Pro version (the deal one) has real time protection, as opposed to the free one which just scans for crap that's already on your computer.


Last weekend I was at home at my mom's house, she said her computer was running horribly slow. Ran CCleaner, and a ton of files were deleted. First click on any browser though the whole thing slowed down, and after ten minutes it would move again. Run CCleaner again, and all those files were back. Ran AVG, found nothing, downloaded MSE, found nothing, updated and ran Spybot found nothing. Downloaded & ran this, and sure enough found three entries, cleaned and removed. Computer back up and running. For her, ten dollars is well worth the protection, especially since Spybot was running in the background with it's full time protection.


I paid twice this for a limited license. This is a bargain and I can't recommend this software enough. It should be installed on every PC.


Coupon code is: PLB55756

$6.28 for shipping also.