dealslenovo thinkpad 15.6" core i5 laptop (new) for…


@stnickk: Not sure, but on the employee discount site that same model is like $500.


@stnickk: 1saleaday just had an HP laptop sale. 12 laptops under $500, almost all with better specs than this one, nicer looking too! I don't need to shop "on Lenovo" for a better deal, I'll just look (anywhere) elsewhere...


Not a good deal at all. Notebooks with better specs can be had for less than $500. Plus, THIS one looks like it belongs in 1998!


@dpwellman: where on Lenovo is that laptop for that price? I even checked refurbs.
Thank you for your comments, I totally agree I would take an L530 over the L520 due to the processor alone, then screen, much less the keyboard.


Anyone want to explain how this is a good deal? Dual core, tiny hard drive, not a single cutting edge feature or high end component. I'm missing something.


Again, before pulling the trigger on this, decide if the extra $75 for a three year warranty is worth it over an comparably equipped L530 direct from Lenovo-- or, perhaps you don't like island / chiclets style keyboards. Otherwise, you can put $30 into an Ivy Bridge Core i5 (markedly better graphics) and $50 into a better (1600x900) screen; which, makes more sense on a 15.6 inch diagonal, and still have $5 left over for snacks.

L520 Technical Specifications:

L530 Datasheet:

Again the main differences between the L520 and L530 are 1) the keyboard and 2) Ivy Bridge support. Minor differences are the L530 is slightly smaller than the L520.