dealsdurable water resistant rfid aluminum wallet…


Shipping for 1 = $3.99. Kills it for me.


I got one of these as a cheap add-on from that daily deal. The hinge broke as soon as I pressed the open latch.

By the way deal poster, thanks for telling me which cards to buy an RFID scanner for.


I have this one. The hinge rod keeps slipping out. I can probably crimp the end and do a force-fit of it to keep it secure.

The worst part is that the plastic dividers inside have all broken on all the joints. I used some strong tape to joint the dividers back together. It works, but because of the tape, I can't put as much in it any longer.

The regular price I've seen around the net is usually around $10 to $12, but that would be way too expensive for these things. My target price would likely be $5 - if I bought one again. Not sure I would.