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I wonder if you don't see much of this religious stuff selling well when it's labeled as religion. Evangelism is hard.


You gotta quit giving away all my secrets!


Politics and religion really don't have a friendly place on Woot. I accepted the consiquences of my actions before and after posting this. The thing is, it's totally worth the down votes in exchange for the few smiles I will get out of this post. Hopeing @cowboydann @w00tgurl @jsoko @thumperchic @gideonfrost @psaux @pinchecat & @thunderthighs see it :-)

I know I missed a few, sorry, it's still early!


@cowboydann: And here I thought your powers came from a chemical plant accident.


@mommyleah: I brought you up to Zero. It's gonna knock me off the leaderboard for voting today but I suppose you have to stand by comedy/friends before you worry about rep.

Also available for kindle. and qualifies for the 4 for 3 program.


Wait, doesn't that mean that I have to be sending out the thoughts too? I'm so freaking busy during Woot! Clue! I barely have time to breathe!