dealsaustin crackers: zoo animal crackers +20% off…


Don't you just luv to bite their widdle heads off?


@hot72chev: Especially the giraffes, with their extra long necks and all.


So that's 2oz x 36 packs or 72oz total for 14.71.
That is no deal. Unless for some reason you want the little bags.
It would be much cheaper to buy your own snack ziplock bags and big bag of animal crackers.
I get the big bags of Stauffer Animal crackers at Target or Walmart 32oz for a buck in store most days.
You can buy the big bag ( 32 oz ) online at Walmart for $2.48. Free ship w/ $45 or more.
Even w/ the cost of the bags these are priced way too high.

BTW the Stauffers brand are made in Pennsylvania and I confess are my favorite.
Target now has their own "Archer brand" version, not available online.