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With Microsoft Security Essentials and other free AV software, I find it really hard to justify spending any money on something that will constantly give pop-ups to renew my subscriptions, upgrade to the next ultra-premium level, ask every other day to "tune up" my computer, and consume more resources than necessary.


I really like AVG. I had the free version for many years but I upgraded two years ago and the paid version has worked like a charm. I have been on the fence with McAfee and Norton seems to have too much baggage.


Not even a good deal. You can buy protection for 3 computers for 5 or 10 dollars if you shop around.

On top of that, McAfee hasn't gotten a good rating in a few years. All of the top free AV companies perform better (AVG, Avast, Avira) in every respect (speed, detection rate, resource usage), according to independent testing.

If you really are willing to pay for AV software or if you just want a good all-in-one AV/firewall suite, Kaspersky is really the only way to go. I'm no fanboy, as I truly believe they are all about the same, but Kaspersky has for the last couple of years been the highest rated AV software, paid or free. They seem to be the only company with their heads on straight.

P.S. Microsoft Security Essentials is actually as badly rated as McAfee, the only difference is Microsoft Security Essentials is free, so it isn't a huge deal.


According to this, McAfee supported SOPA legislation:;wap2

I wrote them a polite email a month ago and asked if they indeed supported it, but they never got back to me.

If you are sensitive about this issue (as IMAO you should be), don't do business with them. If you don't care, be aware that this is not even close to being a good deal.

When I used to be their customer (that is, before I learned about their stance about SOPA) I had an annual license which I got for $12. Now I am using the free version of Avast and there is no perceptible difference in performance. Also the free version of Avast is much easier to customize and harasses you less often with their marketing ploys than the licensed version of McAfee, which is a mystery of its own merit. So, stay away.


I have comcast so i get free Norton Suite which was way better then Mcafee


If you want a paid version of anti-virus software, like McAfee, for free and you pay for internet access just go to your providers website, or if you're in school you can get it from them, or if you have a bank account most offer it free too, the list goes on...


@839351: Where did you see that Microsoft Security Essential is rated poorly? It has been highly rated by many independent labs. It's also free, with low CPU overhead and has very good detection rate.,2817,2376220,00.asp


Hands down, this software and Norton are the worst antivirus on the market. Not even worth it if it were shareware.


First mistake, windows os.. second is McAfee. If you go with a mac you'll be fine and if you didn't and grabbed McAfee you'll run your pc into the ground. They like to use up virtual memory like our government spends money.


As someone that works in the IT field, I've been burned pretty hard by McAfee [ ]. This situation rendered about a dozen computers in my department unusable, and damage was only limited by quick thinking by the SysAdmin. Since that occurrence, many of the Sysadmins at the university where I work have been seeking alternatives. And I give you a isn't Norton.


Removing mcafee from your computer is harder than most malware, when i was doing geek work, half my time was spent guiding people to mcafree removal utilities so we could make sure it actually removes properly. friends don't let friends pay for AV.

personally i like avira for real time protection, and malware bytes for everything else. I've never found a problem that malware bytes can't handle from safe made.


Did anyone tell the butthead a few above me about the recent slue of MACs infected with Malware? What a sheep.


Since working at my current job for 5 years, I've found 3 pieces of malware that McAfee didn't catch. I run Microsoft Security Essentials after policying out McAfee and it detected those pieces of malware, but also (amazingly) detected a Mac malware application! Impressive.


MacAfee is trying to get into domain/enterprise security- they called my company several months ago trying to sell to us- I laughed out loud on the phone to the guy! HE didn't appreciate it but really couldn't figure out a response... I asked how he thought I would trust him with my companies network when their security program always tests so poorly that it's obvious they don't know what they're doing...

We use Trend Micro not quite enterprise, but not the home. Works very very well. Tried Avast, AVG, panda... was a faithful Norton user for many many years...trend has been 99% effective, the best the others have done was around 80%.


@bruf: But even Norton has issues: One of the updates 5 years ago on a particular hardware set running XP Pro killed Excel. Nothing about it on Norton's site, a few days later MS fixed it. I'd already installed Open Office, so I wasn't dead in the water, but I DID move immediately to MS One Care- now called Essentials.
Oh, and we could get McAfee free from Time Warner- no, thanks. Bloated and intrusive.


Mcafee is so bad at work we have to disable the on access scanning at times to actually do our job. It slows everything down to the point of being unusable. I would never put it on a PC I owned or cared for.



TODAY most internet providers provide free anti-virus software. If you don't like what they offer, Microsoft Security Essentials is a very good to excellent choice. I am slowly becoming part of the conspiracy group that feels companies are making trojans and virus to scare people. Force you to fear the openess of the net and make you buy software. KEEP FEEDING THE MACHINE!


@amoraluv: I used to have Comcast (just switched) and I was very happy with Norton. Verizon offers McAffee, but it would not install on my computer until every, single bit of any remenant of a virus program I ever had (and I have used a lot) was removed. I could not even find them to remove them. Therefore, I could not use McAffee. I would not purchase it on a bet!


Microsoft Security Essentials is what I run at home on all of my PCs. At work, we have ESET and if MSSE weren't so darn good, I would buy ESET's NOD32 for Windows. Statistically one of the best at catching viruses, and it's a simple, lightweight client. It's a pure antivirus client, it doesn't pretend to be 80 other things at once like a firewall, and system performance tuner, and anti-spam, etc...

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with this at all, just thought people might be interested: I listen to a tech podcast (This Week in Tech) and they have an ad partnership, so if you're interested in a paid antivirus solution because you just don't trust Microsoft, then I would encourage you, Mac or PC, to check out or - user offer code LEO2010


Ugh, McAfee again. Seriously, just go with AVG. I've never gotten a virus with it installed and it's free.



@lll0228: There are a some other sites like this one, but one example is

Another is

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) main problem is detection rate. The program isn't very resource hungry and doesn't get very many false positives, but it's detection rate isn't stellar. It's not horrible and it still will keep the average user protected, as will any correctly installed AV program.

It's important to understand the different ways they rate these programs. Where Microsoft falls behind is with 0-day and unique threats. It's heuristics engine is rather poor. With that said, the program is rather solid and it keeps a good database, so known trojans/viruses are generally not missed

The general consensus has been that MSE doesn't want to take an aggressive approach because it is essentially an AV program that is forced on people who don't have an AV program.


@bruf: It rendered my laptop unusable that day also. A good friend was able to save it with a patch, but I will never trust McAfee again


@lll0228: That article only gave it a 3 out of 5. That's not great, but completely fine for most people.


@gilfilent: Macs use far more memory than Windows. The load is shoved on to programs on a mac


I can't complain about Norton, ever since I had it since Comcast switched over I haven't had any problems and since its free for me I'm not worried about it. It cleans on its own, does firewall, and registry cleaning. So I just have nothing to complain about.


I lol at my -57+, that is like an accomplishment...

For you mac haters, you've never had one (90% of you) or you are VERY computer savvy and would rather fix a windows machine yourself. When a mac does get its couple virus' a year they get patched up and I normally never see them (which windows does too but more often). If I do have an issue, there is this nifty thing call the time machine. I can wipe my hard drive, plug the time machine in and go back a few days months years and start from there.. No drivers to install or crap to do, my desktop pictures etc all there.

I consider myself very computer smart and I have some certifications and crap but the only windows machine I have any more is my work laptop. I will not put myself through the heartache of a slow machine ever again (except at work).

I won't even get started about McAfee and that horribleness.


@gilfilent: So basically you're bragging about system restore now?

We have that. Know why I won't buy a MAc? Overpriced, and if I want to upgrade parts of it rather than buy a new system in 3 years, those are overpriced as well (not to mention severely limited selection wise).


@gilfilent: Sir, you are not computer smart. Here is a list of your misconceptions: 1) Win 7 has a system restore function, which does what the time machine does. 2) Building a windows machine is easy, even when you have to put all the components together yourself. All you need is a screw-driver and youtube, which has zillions of videos demonstrating how to do it step-by-step. It takes about 30 minutes, and it often saves you hundreds of dollars. So unless you make $100+ an hour, it is a win. 3) Macs are overpriced and restricted software-wise. My first laptop was an ibook G4. It cost almost 3 times the PC competitors back then and couldn't run most of the software that was freely or commercially available. Looking at the specs and prices of the new Macs, I see that the situation is still the same.

So, I am not a mac-hater. The difference between you and I is that I do know what I am talking about. You are just being scammed by the Apple Inc. without even realizing what's going on.


@gilfilent: Since the minority always insists on having their say all I'm going to say on this matter is that "Mac" has never had above an 8% marketshare in the US or even Worldwide and they only reached such a high number when they licensed to other companies since by themselves they've never broken the 5% mark. PC on the other hand has consistently held a 90-95% marketshare for it's entire history and by PC I do mean Windows since no other operating system is run on PC in any percentage worth noting. Even Industrial light and magic and Pixar (steve jobs movie studio) use PCs almost exclusively. If you enjoy being in your little cult with your half eaten apples have fun with it but stop trying to convince everyone else that your little cult is the one every one should be in. As for viruses if you really want to know why Mac gets so many fewer viruses than PC then look up the numbers above and be surprised you even get as many as you do. Enjoy your partially eaten fruit.


@gilfilent: sigh To join the holy war, you mention that the security holes are patched. The java hole that the latest Mac virus used was patched back in mid February by Oracle. Apple decided it wasn't important to deal with it until a few days ago.


@durumcan and @ikisat: I had something witty to say but its been a long day and don't feel like arguing... Basically I just prefer that my computer work and (going back to the post) the thing that turns me off the most about the big name antivirus folks is that they slow down the windows machine and they are hard to remove.

I love my half eaten apples they do good for me and my cult and my family. Sure I miss out on all the new games but I don't have time for that stuff.. I go around the world several times a year were I have to hop on and off planes go through security and this 11" MacBook Air I have is perfect for being mobile.

One more thing, they hold their value. If I want to upgrade I sell it (ipad, iphone, macbook, imac, etc) pay a few hundred bucks and get the next best thing.

I guess I went a little long but I've been preparing all week for the down votes so give me hell!