dealsthe home depot: buy one, get one free on select…


Just a heads up before someone gets as excited as I was, this item cannot be shipped to the following state(s): AK,HI,AZ,CA.


this is a great f*&^%n deal


Wow. A wed wose. How womantic.


For those with a thumb that is, well, less than green... Be aware that these are all 'grow-em yourself' flowers. Not especially helpful for those of us that just want to get it and go.

But, my mom might like this kind of thing. It seems to be one of those gifts that keeps on giving. In for 1... or 2 I guess (considering it's a bogo).

Hmm, now that I'm about to check out... the shipping alone is nearly $10! I might as well spent the extra $25 and get 2 more and free shipping. Then again... what am I going to do with four of these?


@criticalcritic: I've got several near me, so the free "Ship to store" is always my only reasonable option.


So glad this is only for the live roses.

I have plenty of dead ones.