dealsbluetooth usb 2.0 micro adapter dongle for $1.09…


For only 85c more, you can have it shipped from California. Worth it? Maybe..


I'm too immature to just let the word "dongle" go without laughing at it.

Haha, you said DONGLE!!!!


@br0seidon: I like all the cool stamps when stuff is shipped from China.....


You can get these for $.01 shipped on eBay. Yes, one cent. Don't ask me how they can sell them for less than shipping, they just do. I have two. I use one for a Dell bluetooth keyboard and one with special Motion-In-Joy drivers and software to connect my PS3 controllers to my computer.


These are generally pretty good, but apparently they tend to burn out after a while, so your experience with them may vary.


I've had 2 of these and they have both died. One of them got flaky to the point of death before finally taking a crap. Anecdotal evidence, but just throwing it out there that there is likely a reason it's as cheap as it is. Threw a few more dollars at another one that has been working just fine for 3 years. YMMV.


I wonder if they will combine shipping with my Olympic Jersey?