dealsharry potter - the complete 8-film collection…


I was going to link to this earlier but it was a duplicate of another deal that was $5 more. This is obviously the better deal!

Smart fella!


This is about $20 cheaper than the US Amazon price. Nice Find!!!
I got the Avengers Blu-Ray box set from Amazon UK (through Deals.Woot!) and the transaction was just as effortless as buying from the US.


Plus, a movie with British actors, base on a British book, just feels better coming from British Amazon!


Plus you get the better title of The Philosopher's Stone over The Sorcerer's Stone.


I picked this up last time for about $3 more from Amazon UK. No issues whatsoever playing it on my US BluRay player. A couple of scenes were different--they had UK phrases, and not just as s/sorcerer/philosopher, but for other dialectical differences, which was an interesting surprise! The cases aren't the nicest (two discs per flimsy case, and you can't read the chapter listings without removing the case cover paper), but the box set does looks nice on the shelf.