dealsarby's - 64¢ roast beef classic sandwich july…


yes!!!! I stayed up just waiting for someone to post this. I printed mine off the other day before they could delete it. I smell a tasty lunch.


FYI I read the fine print and it may be "with purchase of one". It's late and my eyes aren't that good. Either way it's a deal.


why did mine get deleted and this one stayed?

woot gods? anyone... i posted this deal a couple days ago... and it got deleted even though it was still technically available to print... now mine got deleted and this one is allowed to be posted... anyone?


@witteeric: to clarify I posted this AGAIN today just past midnight... before this one had been posted.... why woot?


@witteeric: Is it possible you posted it when it was still not midnight CST? (woot time)


@jsimsace: It says (among other things):

"Offer applicable with purchase of one Roast Beef Classic sandwich only"

I'm not one to interpret legalese, but I take that to mean that you can't substitute the coupon for other things, nor can you use it for multiple sandwiches- that it's only good on the purchase of one RB Classic sandwich (for 64 cents).


@witteeric: because you posted it early. no early posting duh


Perfect for a road trip day like today.



So it's like the BOGO coupon they print in the mailers every other week, but not quite as good.

(edit) Oh I see now. that's some very odd wording.


Even though it doesn't specify ANYWHERE on the coupon, it's for one sandwich only


Just got mine. Bonus: there was NO line at my location. I don't think the coupon is widely known about.


@moosezilla: Same here, B4 it got deleted so I could actually print it before I got home from work and it would be useless for lunch that day!
BTW at 11am I was the first to present the counter person with the coupon(they had to check with a mgr. who verified only one per coupon, one coupon per customer) and while this isn't the greatest deal, along with a $1 all you can drink fountain soda and $1 value fries for $2.64 + tax it was a cheap lunch. Oh by the time I was leaving it seemed every other person was using one of these coupons :)