dealsone flew over the cockoo's nest for $2.99 + free…


What a great movie at a great price! Good find Op.


"I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this."


I don't really delve into films that are older than the 80's (because I'm dumb like that). But I bought this one on a whim from costco a while back and loved it. Great movie at a fantastic price.


Ha, ha, this reminded me of the time I was getting anesthesia, and just as I went under, I told the nurse she looked like Nurse Ratchet. When I came to, my Mom assured me that she (the nurse) did not really laugh maniacally, but I am not so sure.

Great film, thanks OP.


"Shipping: Unavailable Store Pickup: Unavailable"
That didnt last long


Anyone who hasn't seen this movie must do so. It's great. Get it from the public library for free, but see it.