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Duplicate post.
But I'll say it on this one too.

If you're a Best Buy Gamer's Club Unlocked Member, as in if you receive their gamer's magazines, you could get:

Batman Arkham City for $9.99
Final Fantasy XIII-2 for $14.99

And if you swipe your Rewards Card as well, it's a double win for you.

I just bought both Arkham City and FFXIII-2 for a total of $26.90


I forgot to mention that you'd need the coupons from the Gamer's Magazine, there is a $20 off coupon for Arkham City which would drop the $29.99 price to $9.99, and a $15 off coupon for FFXIII-2 which would cut the price in half to $14.99


@leesjoe3: Do they have the magazines in store or is it a free/paid subscription?


@adog231231: They have them in store, but you have to pay for the issue or subscription. $5 for an issue in the store, or $15 for the subscription, where you can get the magazine they have at the moment. A lot of Best Buys right now do NOT have March's issue. Maybe if you're lucky, like I was, your Best Buy will have the coupons at the video game center in your store.

Good luck!


@leesjoe3: I picked up FFXIII-2 and Rage for $20. I thought about Batman, but I'm going to wait for GOTY.


@themidgardknight: I was disappointed with batmans combat system, unless im doing something stupid (which I doubt) it's a lot of press attack, press counter.


@themidgardknight: can you buy the magazine just to use the coupon without a subscription because i found the coupon online but it says you must be a memeber to use the coupon.