dealsslow'em down pet food bowls - slows your pet down…


It really annoys me when stupid pet owners try to project human characteristics onto their pets.

FYI: People get upset stomachs from eating too fast because digestion for humans starts in the mouth. If you don't chew your food long enough, the enzymes in your saliva don't have time to begin the digestive process properly.

Cat's and Dog's digestion starts in the stomach. Chewing is only to make the food small enough to swallow. Slowing them down doesn't do anything. Stop pretending your dog is a human. It's not.


@cavimike: So i guess you've never heard of bloat then? There are other issues with eating quickly besides an upset tummy. Besides where is it stated or even implied that someone in this posting is attributing human factors to pets.


Ummmm,,,How about you don't fill the bowl all the way?


@idontkn1: Instead of feeding the troll i will just agree with this post
along with escaping into the street, bloat is one of the scariest things as a pet owner.

Both of my dogs eat like they havent had any food in a week and someone is about to take the bowl from them. i have used a cupcake pan to try to slow them down before.

in for two.


I want to slow my doggy down so that he gets a chance to taste what he's eating. He eats so quick that his little taste buds never get a chance to kick in! Poor little thing! I am trying to train him to count his chewing so that he chews everything 28 times before swallowing. He' such a good boy!!! After three years, I finally trained him to use the toilet and wipe his ass by using a mat I put on the floor! What a good boy!!!!!!


@cavimike: Actually, dogs do not chew the way humans do, they only use their teeth to "rip" the food apart, but they swallow whole and the stomach is the one that process and break down the food. As you stated this differs from us humans that have to chew the food down one to savor it and so the saliva can start the break down process. Here is a link for information -


@redial: I agree with you, bloating is a very scary thing, not to mention fatal if not corrected in time as the stomach can twist, creating a life-death situation. In for 3


My cat sometimes eats wet food too fast and barfs it up.
Then, naturally, she goes in for "seconds". LOL


My parents Golden will eat like she has been starved of food for days. She had bloat issues and now they have to feed her small portions at a time. My giant Great Pyrenes on the other hand eats one kibble of food at a time. If he picks up a mouth full he'll drop the extra onto the floor then use his tongue to pick up each morsal. It's the funniest thing in the world to see a dog of his size eat food soo slow.

Thinking about getting this for my parents to see if it helps their dog.


@cavimike: Have you ever had a cat that eats too fast? They puke it back up.


@hondac95: Part of the problem is we do not feed dogs, or cats for that matter, food that is that symilar physically to what they would eat in the wild.


This will never work.
I'll need to buy like 20 of these to cover the bag in my neighbor's can.


@jmcachran: That is correct, that is why these are useful to slow them down to the point the food travels at a consistent rate and in small quantity, preventing too much air to be swallowed, causing the bloating.


The best solution to avoid bloat is to train your dog to eat slower. Having to buy a device to work around a correctable behavior problem is a sign of poor pack leadership. Call Cesar Milan for more details.


OK, how about a couple data points, instead of pointless insults aimed at each other?

My dog was raised on a raw diet: meat, bones, organs, connective tissue. Every vet praised his health, clean teeth (no carbs!), and low fat.

Then he had problems with urination for a couple days, which was probably dehydration-related, but just to be sure I put him on a prescription canned dog food for the recommended 4 months. He gained 3 lb (5%) within one week.

A month after I took him off the diet he lost the extra weight.

So, is the difference /what/ he eats, or how fast? Can't be sure, but I am sure that a pork butt or deer ribs takes him about 20 minutes or more to eat, while he can finish two cans of dog food in 2 minutes flat. Also, he will whine for more food after the two cans; I make him wait 10-30 minutes before I offer him more, and by then he seldom is interested - so slower eating DEFINITELY reduces his total calory intake.


I can't say I've tried one of these bowels, but I much prefer the Kong Wobbler. My dog loves it, and being part border collie it gives her something to focus on and drain a little of that energy. I just wouldn't recommend it on hardwood floors unless you want to hear all the banging ;)


I've rescued dozens of dogs over the years, and 20 years ago had one have to be put down due to bloat. Her stomach had twisted, they wanted $2Gs for surgery & being unemployed at the time I didn't have it. Heartbreaking to this day. I currently have 4 dogs. My Akita mix & Pug mix chew every piece of kibble individually. The other two, both Lab/Pit mixes, inhale their entire bowl. The older one is 13 and has old dog vestibular disease, so I've had to feed him by hand 3 kibble at a time or he'll have an attack. In for two in the hope of no more slobbery hands!


@brainofkjf: Please post back after you've tried these and let us know how they work for your dogs!


We have one of these bowls for my pitbull, and this is a great price. It works ok, but doesn't seem to slow her down that much. An item that works well and stimulates intellect at the same time is this food cube:


So, judging by the amount of downvotes I got in such a short period of time, I take it I'm the only proponent of the "take the time to train your dog properly" stance.

I guess I should stick to ignorant inflammatory comments instead.

Your dogs are dumb. Ha!


Yea, I actually found a GobStopper for my pet, similar to this item.. Its a bone on a suction cup.. You stick it in the old bowl, and it slows down the dog from Gulping his/her food down. They can CHOKE like a human, they can BLOAT like a human, and its also better when they CHEW the food much as possible to clean thier perfect little teeth.. to the D-Bag up top, have a heart. And quit Trolling.. People, this item DOES in fact work. It will slow them down.. They will get a little used to it as time goes by, and find quicker ways to chow down.. But I still love it, and use it. For my little dog with more personality then some humans like above


@randymilleriii: she's probably been waiting for a nice, warm meal!


Our beagle would eat so fast, he'd yak it right back up. We bought one of these (similar anyway) and it worked like a charm.

Some dogs just eat far to quickly. This DOES work. One note, get one that's smaller than you think you need. If the dog's nose can fit easily into the gaps, it won't work for you. Make it hard for them to find the food in the bowl, and it will have the desired effect.


@viciousspike: You sounded ignorant and inflammatory enough in your first post. Maybe it's not the delivery that's at fault....


@joemarfice: Thanks Joe. I will definitely consider putting an end to advocating responsible pet ownership peppered with sly humor.


@cavimike: Well, that's ignorant. I pet sat for a dog before that ate so fast it threw up all over the floor.


@jmcachran: Wow, have you ever considered that's because they are not wild animals? They are no where NEAR being wild, they've been so far removed through domestication.


@belyndag: After looking around a little I passed on this deal and purchased two similar bowls for only $4.29 for the large size at a local pet supply warehouse. The bowls work great. The two lab mixes still eat like they haven't been fed in months, but now it takes them a few minutes to finish. The kibble moves around from compartment to compartment so they have to chase it a bit.

I've been going to Ryan's for years & I rarely get out of there for under $150. They're local in Phoenix but they primary ship. They don't sell pet food but they sell just about everything else you'd need for your pets. And no, I don't work for them, I just hand them my paycheck a few times a year. :)


@brainofkjf: "I just hand them my paycheck a few times a year." LOL! I totally relate!

None of the pets I have currently have are rabid eaters. In fact, my aging border collie is on a restrictive diet she dislikes and I practically have to hand feed her to get any calories into her. Ah, well. It's always something with our furbabies, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing the information. Sounds like a good product!