dealslego cobra mini model for $0.00


So January 2012 is the month of the Cobra?


Does anyone know where I can get a kid just so I can get some free Legos? I fear my stubble (and being 5'11") might oust me being older than 14.


I was excited until I saw the 14 age limit.

Curse you, age discriminating LEGO


Has anyone ever attended one of these? How busy do these things get? Will I get trampled by 50 thousand screaming kids?



I was 5'11-1/2" at age 14 so it must be the stubble.

Just shave really well and you should be good.


You'll sell me a $139 lego Millennium Falcon and a $170 Hogwarts train, but can't toss a free cobra my way? Thanks, Legos!


I know were I could borrow a kid or two that fit into the age range, but the the problem is they would want to keep the Cobra for themselves.


Hey guys i'll go for you c: FREE COBRA TIME


I'm 33 and still get carded all the time.

I reckon if I shave really well, and practice saying "bling" enough I could bling pass as a bling teenager. Bling.


@stash911: I have been to a lego store when one of these were going on. It gets pretty crazy when it starts off. The lego employees set up "building stations" around the store to accoommodate the kids. They hand out a one-page instruction sheet as well as all of the necessary pieces to build the model. One of the employees then floats around to assist as needed. Because of the building stations, the parents, and the kids sitting around, the store is a pretty big mess. it dies down pretty quickly, though. Even for a little kid, it won't take any more than 30 minutes to build. Though other children may join in as they arrive, their attendace is fairly concentrated in the beginning. If you are looking to have your child participate at a time when it's not crazy busy, I'd recommend going a bit later, but there is always the chance that they will run out of the pre-set supplies

Hope this helps


We've noticed these monthly builds became more crowded over time, eventually we stopped going with our 3 Lego obsessed boys. We did probably 12 out of 15 over up until about t6 months ago. Staff were always fine, even when packed. It was some of the parents that became too annoying. The final straw was a real crowded one with people lined up maybe 50 deep (It's not a big store). After overhearing a bunch of grumbling I noticed one self-entitled mom actually called up the store & complained while still in line. Actually expected them to come pull her to the front of the line. We commented amongst our group how amusing it was for folks to get so upset about having to wait for something free.


it would be nice if they would post the instructions, since there is an age limit


aw don't know any lego stores near me.


I doubt there are many 14 year olds with beards so they would catch me and not let me take this home. Still a good deal for your kids or younger relatives


A copy of the instructions are posted for each month's build, but they are only posted for a short time. Here is the link for the mini builds