dealsweekend warrior sale - throwing stars, katanas…


So how many of these are you getting for your son? LOL!


@blgauthier: LOL indeed! I'm scared to show him the site! His sword collection is quite big enough!


Meh its all just for show stainless, but you can get high carbon steel swords starting at about $50 on amazon.


almost all of these are overpriced, i fond the star and knives at walmart for 60% of what they are on this site...


For all your man-child needs


YES!! I've been waiting for a Woot on these.

Two weeks ago I was engaged in battle with my foes. I had some throwing stars but they failed when I needed them - curved to the left or right and as a result I just couldn't take down any of my ninja opponents from a distance. As a result I was forced to do close- combat battle.

Now I (thought) had good armor and a decent katana but my viking helmet cracked after getting hit with an authentic metal flail. "Where'd you get that flail?" I asked. "" he said as he continued the attack. Well, I was finally able to get to a point where we called it a draw - his arm punctured by my Sai and my arm partially severed by a blow from a whetstone midnight ninja machete from

That's the last time I go into battle with inferior gear. I'm stocking up. You never known when a viking, knight or a ninja is ready to pounce.