dealskingston 128gb class 10 sdxc card for $69.99…


anyone have any experience with this? seems awesome! only 1 amazon review and its was good.


Most likely wont work in most point and shoots, I would imagine.


@aggiejd: Yes you should check your manual to confirm that the device can handle a card this large. As an aside, my camcorder supports an 128GB SDXC card and it's 2 years-old. So you might be pleasantly surprised.


Since it's Tiger, the rebate will come as a giftcard, with an offer to deliver it quicker for $5. (otherwise, they'll hold on to it for 2 months or so.)


Lots of space on the card, just hope people won't keep it full for weeks on end before backing up. Lots can go wrong, then you lose 128gb of photos/videos...just think, dropping it in water, squishing it, losing it...etc.