deals20% off brondell swash 300 advanced bidet toilet…


Much better seat $200 @ costco


Okay, I know what it is and what it does.. but why?


Original price is $249.

Sale price is $199.20.

Free ground shipping.


This seems like a great deal... for me to poop on!


The jokes on this one just write themselves:

"For that much money, it better wipe my * too! Oh wait..."


@1298ty: Why? Because some people don't like the idea of walking around with crap smeared all over their asses.


It's like a drinking fountain for your butt! I've tried them before and I just find the sensation odd.


Considere the amount of $ that could be saves on toilet paper. Yes you'd still need some but having that fresh showered feel. Has anyone owned this type I've never seen a seat inky kind. Probably be hard to match tovoarticlar toilets & wondering what amnt of plumbing required. Also if you live wgmhere delicious tanks inky are. Available additional savings. May see reviews on thisone. We have America State toilet with elongated seat.


This is great sh.t!!! Really...IT IS! A great price for an unbelievable product. My wife and I spent one week in an upscale suite in Las Vegas and they happened to have this exact product. Theirs was the top of the line version, but it was GREAT. For the money check it out.


wonderful deal, bidets haven't caught on alot in the states, but they are a good idea


Bidets haven't really "caught on" much in the United States because people in the United States commonly shower on a frequent basis. Bidets are popular in other countries where people tend to go several days without showering or bathing.


@mdnorman: Where do you come up with this stuff?


"Bidets haven't really "caught on" much in the United States because people in the United States commonly shower on a frequent basis"

Your point is irrelevant unless you presume everyone in the US showers every time after every duke (they/we don't). Combo toilet bidets, at least in the home, are a great idea - a clean tush is a happy tush.


Bidets haven't really caught on in much in the US because most zoning laws put extra restrictions on them. When they're combined with toilets, however, the restrictions are superfluous, and that's why this new generation of bidet toilets is finally catching on.

The More You Know (tm)


saw this at CES, most wind and ground-breaking thing there!


I have the Toto Washlet S330 and I love it! If this product is anywhere near as good, it's MORE than worth the $200 price.

Edit: The Swash model 1000 seems the most similar to the Washlet. It's still cheaper than the Toto.


There is no way in {you know where} I'm plugging in my toilet seat. Water + Electricity + Me in compromising position.... I think not.


Hold up...Let me see if I got this right.
This product first attaches to a prominent water feature in the home and you then run a cord from it to a 120v outlet?
I like it. Finally!...something to get that 4 year old to stop pissing all over the seat.


I understand that toilet paper is a huge waste of trees. But won't this leave you with a wet butt that requires TP to dry? Or are the Europeans walking around with damp underwear?


I recently got myself a "no slam" toilet seat. I'm not ready to graduate to this one, yet!


I think I prefer the add on bidets where you can use a normal seat.


@tsfisch: Humor seems to have diminished of late. I feel old.


Have you ever tried to clean up chocolate syrup with a napkin? It just doesn't get clean....