dealsm*a*s*h: martinis & medicine (seasons 1-11) for…


Amazing deal for one of the greatest tv series of all time. Less than $6/season plus you get the original movie and all the extras.
I paid just under $100 when I got mine and felt that was an good deal.


I missed the deal a while back so I snagged this.

Many thanks OP!


This is a crazy good deal. Like, Klinger trading 15 gallons of WWII-surplus chipped beef for a vintage reel of "The Moon is Blue" good.


One of our local free OTA stations just added an XX.3 channel, which is showing nothing but the classic old TV series that we all grew up with (it's called MeTV = Memorable Entertainment Television, and I'm sure it's in other markets, too.) I'm loving the hell out of reliving the M-A-S-H series (along w/ original Star Trek, Twilight Zone, I Love Lucy, That Girl, MTM, Happy Days, Bob Newhart, Cheers, etc.) If they (M-A-S-H episodes) weren't being aired so regularly right now on that channel, I'd be all over this, as it's a great deal on an AWESOME series. I had forgotten how literally LOL f'ing funny Hawkeye, Trapper, Radar, Henry, Klinger, Maj. Burns, and Houlihan all are. I still remember the huge event the series finale was at the time, and how bittersweet it was as they (mostly) all finally went home after the war ended. As it is, however, I'm going to wait for now. Thanks for posting this, though!


Missed this. Site says: out of stock for online orders.