dealshome™ string lights - gazebo (140 ct) for $10.00…


I only want to buy and use LED lights - they use so much less energy. There is no mention I can find in the specs or the comments on this. Anyone find any such detail or know one way or the other? Thanks!


Picked up one of those easy ups, this might be nice to have when using that. I can't tell if this is a square design and you line it up with the top and attached it, or if it is a long strand you run. The images look like its a big square with 'legs' hanging down, but I've not seen or used one of these in the past.

in for 2


@farmer john: My guess would be that they are not LED. Typically companies like to state the fact that they are LED since it is more appealing to customers. I however have no hard proof they are not, so take it for what it's worth.


@farmer john: 140 lights for $10 bucks? I can unequivocally guarantee you they won't be LED lights.


If you click on the picture it takes you to a page that has the item enlarged and under that are other light choices. Scroll to the right and there are two items indicating LED lights, 54 and 60 count.


Since we just bought a 10'x12' pergola, I went ahead and bought a set especially since one of the reviews said it fit their same sized gazebo. If I don't like them, I can pass them on to family.