dealssandisk 8gb hi-speed micro sdhc card – bag 2…


Its a class 4 if anyone is wondering...I was curious so I thought i'd share. Not as "high speed" as I would have liked.


Make sure you do your research on this company, that's all I can say without having my comments deleted by staff. The feedback on their ebay storefront is particularly interesting.


This isn't all that great of a deal. 1saleaday just had a Samsung 8gb microSD for $1.99 w/ free shipping, and I bought the same Samsung microSD back in June for $3.99 w/ free shipping off eBay. If you need one in a pinch then jump on this, otherwise you could probably wait.


Can someone please show them how to spell or use auto-correct . What exactly is BAG to school sale. Shouldn't that be Back** to school sale lol. I don't think I wanna buy from a company who can't spell basic English.


Really??? I'm going to get a thumbs down for pointing out an obvious mistake. Maybe it's time to get,"spelling for dummies".


@searchneverend: I have to agree that they were probably just trying to be clever. No one is forcing you to purchase from them. Also, I'm not a fan of bad spelling, but I'm not a fan of bad grammar either.


@searchneverend: I think it's funny that the "bag" bothers you but the "2" doesn't. I am sick to death of people substituting numbers for words. At first I thought the "bag 2" was saying it was a two-for-one sale. But of course, that has nothing to do with whether this is a deal or not. I look at this, see people saying, "you can do better" and sigh thinking of the 8g micro sd cards I was glad to pay $18 each for a couple of years ago. It's funny how people go on about things going up in price, but there's little note of things going down in price.


Can someone please show searchneverend how to spell or use auto-correct . What exactly is "wanna". Shouldn't that be "want to" lol. I don't think I want to listen to a person who can't use English words.


@lydon71: For some reason, "wanna" didn't irk me as much as "whose".


@kamikazeken: The exact same thing will happen to me also !


I've just witnessed someone destroy himself in three quick posts! How embarrassing is that ?


@computiac: WOW !

Just one post drops rating from 96 to 89,

very nice, thank's !


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I bought the 1saleaday Samsung for $1.99. I figured what the heck but now I have it and no device to use it in. Lol. What sort of devices is this format for?


@chezteladog: I bought three of those but they refunded two of them. I bought them for use with my Asus tablet and my handheld Vizio media player. I put e-books, music, videos and photos on them for when I go on vacation. I have three 32g and now five 8g ones. I like to take plenty of stuff to choose from, and with the size and capacity of these things you could pack a public library in a pill case. . My phone is supposed to be able to use one, but I am not sure how. I brought its instruction book with me to work today to read on break and see if I can figure it out.


Last time I checked, (in 1985) the only one permitted to use the word "wanna", is Cyndi Lauper.


GearXS is such a garbage site. Their mystery box's suck. I ordered two seperate upgraged boxes. One for myself, and one for my wife. Both of them were the same exact stuff, all of it worth almost nothing. I am talking about childrens whistles, and sticker sets, all in a $50 shipped box.


@ericleer: If you lived around here and were fluent in SouthernSpeak, the word 'wanna' is used multiple times per day (even by us high-falootin' academic types) and it perfectly legit.


And I agree with the recommendations against ordering from this site.