dealsbioshock: ultimate rapture edition - playstation…


So I had a great deal of trouble actually ordering this, but I just got through.

Best Buy's site is having some coding issue with billing info. I logged in on three browsers and had the same error. Talked to support, they couldnt help.

I logged in as a guest, and it worked. So if you're having it as a guest.


@buyme153: Hey, this is a community-monitored (i.e. human) deals site. Typing your link all crazy might fool a bot, but humans can still tell you're a douche.

Tattle pending.


I have purchased this product. Thank you good sir rayray.


Thanks for this! Looked it up and the deal goes for 360 as well. I picked it up in store at the Best Buy round the corner from me. Great deal for all the goodies.


No free shipping, In-store pick up only


@fazleskhan: Free shipping worked fine for me. Mine's already en route. YMMV.